This happened Friday so I’m a bit late in posting. We were actually running on time for once. While getting in the car to leave, Jesse knocked Lydia’s cereal out of her hands (yes, my kids eat breakfast on the way to school, another way for us to combat lateness which obviously doesn’t help) and it went all over the side of the seat and the door jam. So momma threw a tantrum and hurled all cereal out in the yard, spitting & fussing the whole time. And while I’d like to blame the kids, I can’t. It’s totally my fault for not being able to manage our morning time better.

And the lesson to learn is…. don’t cry over spilled milk.

I can’t remember the last time it’s been cut but it’s been a while. He said he wanted to grow it long enough to flip it up by quickly shaking his head… you know, the trend. Well, he was looking more like a sasquatch. What a handsome little guy I had hidden under there.


Six Months of Cakes




What a Slacker

I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since August….and hardly any really in 2013.

I have lots of cakes to add to my album. Last year was a record year for cake orders. So much so that I’m forcing myself to cut back. I already have 6 scheduled thru February. Did I say I was cutting back?

Jason had to have back surgery in September so we spent our fall dealing with that and his recovery.

I have lots of plans for the year but mostly just surviving the day to day. It’s likely no one else will read this but here’s to paying more attention to my blog in 2014. :)


Earlier in the summer my dad found a painted gourd birdhouse that was my grannies and he hung it in the corner of his covered porch. He never expected a bird to build in it since it was so close to the house and all our day to day activity. Well, a little bird build in it and laid eggs. The past few weeks we have watched her go find food and bring to them – it’s been neat to watch. This morning dad said that two baby birds came out and went down in the yard (the ground), then went to the rock in the front yard.


I know some people don’t believe in signs from above but I do. I think I’ve only shared this with my mom but since my granny passed away, I have saw more red birds than I ever have in my life. They have been everywhere, particularly when she’s on my mind. They fly in front of my car or show up in the most unexpected places (like in the first exhibit we visited at the zoo, it was supposed to have been a bear and there sat a single bright red bird, no bear). And not just red birds but others too… in the three years Jason & I have lived in our new house, we’ve not seen one single hummingbird. One day a few weeks ago, she had been on my mind a lot. That evening when I was working at the kitchen sink a hummingbird flew right up to the window and just hovered there for maybe 20-30 seconds, long enough for Jason & both to see it.

My granny loved birds, especially red birds, and I honestly believe she comforts/speaks to me through them. Some of her last few days with us, laying in the hospital bed, she fought and cried to put her feet on the ground. A year ago today, she got to put her feet on the ground and go to the Rock. Isn’t that amazing??? Those baby birds couldn’t have picked a more perfect day to make their debut.

I loved this cake… so cute! Happy birthday to little Avery!

Avery's Cake

A+ School Year

Yeah, it’s the end of the school year and I’m just getting around to posting about the beginning. That’s the joy of being a mother… to busy to keep up with anything. How do some mom’s do it??

The first day of school – Jesse’s first day of kindergarten and Lydia’s first day of second grade.


Waiting for his teacher to come get the class and looking a bit apprehensive. He didn’t cry but I think he thought about a few times those first few weeks.


Just after they got off the but. He doesn’t look near as happy as he did at the start of the day…


Big sister helping with homework.


Here’s Jesse getting ready to sing for the President’s Day PTA meeting.

imgE imgF

This was at the Mother’s Day picnic. The kids sing the we got to eat lunch with them on the gym floor. Both years I’ve done this, the weather wasn’t nice enough to have it in the park.


In line for his Kindergarten Certificate – he did it!!


And he got the Principal’s Award and PE Award – so proud!


Lydia getting the Principal’s Award.


And getting class superlatives. She won “Nicest” and “Best Writer” and got an extra reading award from her teacher.


I checked the kids out the day of Lydia’s awards and Jesse’s friends got to walk him to the office. They all gave each other big squeezes at the end of the hall – it was a priceless moment!


Getting off the school bus that last day!! They did it! Lydia was more excited to get ahold of Baby Joe, I think Jesse was more excited for summer break!


Overall it was a great year! Always amazed at their progress.