To end our vacation a few weeks ago, Lydia and I decided to hike to the Cascade Falls in Giles County. I had always wanted to go but the opportunity just never arose to go with anyone so we decided to do it alone.


It’s a beautiful two mile hike up to the falls. Lots of places to stop and catch your breath (which this old lady needed).



And when we finally arrived to the falls, Lydia wad so excited. All that waking paid off!  This is Lydia at her first sight of the falls.


I think it was time well spent with my little lady. Great memories!



Ham hocks

It’s very entertaining to hear your 7 & 8 year old have an entire conversation replacing every noun with “ham hocks”.

You should try it. …

Swim Team

Jesse & Lydia joined the swim team this year and are doing great for their first year. There’s a big learning curve to the meets. ..I had no idea what all a meet involves till now. Here’s some pics of the little water bugs.





Jesse’s best event is the freestyle and Lydia does great in the breast and back stroke. Proud of my babes!

This happened Friday so I’m a bit late in posting. We were actually running on time for once. While getting in the car to leave, Jesse knocked Lydia’s cereal out of her hands (yes, my kids eat breakfast on the way to school, another way for us to combat lateness which obviously doesn’t help) and it went all over the side of the seat and the door jam. So momma threw a tantrum and hurled all cereal out in the yard, spitting & fussing the whole time. And while I’d like to blame the kids, I can’t. It’s totally my fault for not being able to manage our morning time better.

And the lesson to learn is…. don’t cry over spilled milk.

I can’t remember the last time it’s been cut but it’s been a while. He said he wanted to grow it long enough to flip it up by quickly shaking his head… you know, the trend. Well, he was looking more like a sasquatch. What a handsome little guy I had hidden under there.


Six Months of Cakes




What a Slacker

I can’t believe I haven’t posted here since August….and hardly any really in 2013.

I have lots of cakes to add to my album. Last year was a record year for cake orders. So much so that I’m forcing myself to cut back. I already have 6 scheduled thru February. Did I say I was cutting back?

Jason had to have back surgery in September so we spent our fall dealing with that and his recovery.

I have lots of plans for the year but mostly just surviving the day to day. It’s likely no one else will read this but here’s to paying more attention to my blog in 2014. :)