I deactivated my Facebook account for the month of February in hopes to break the habit of facebook scrolling all the time.  Today is my official last day and you know what?  I think unplugging has worked! Just like my soda challenge in 2016, I’m questioning my desire to even start back or reactivate my account. 

I found myself wanting to log on a lot in the first week or so but I noticed, it was primarily when I was just wanting to be nosey. Facebook is a great place for instant community gossip, to find out what’s going on. I’ve had quite a few people ask me if I saw something on FB and it’s been fun to say, “NOPE!” 

I’ve learned that I can get along just fine without it. My phone battery life has been noticeably better,  I’ve spent more time reading, doing chores around the house.  While I have scrolled Instagram more than normal, it’s more filtered to what you like to look at, pretty pictures, no complaining, no politics,…. it’s overall more positive and I believe that’s what I was part of what I from this challenge, a break from the negatively of FB.

Whether this is a permanent farewell to Facebook or not, I’m not certain. On to my next challenge.



FFF…. or February Facebook Fast. I decided to deactivate from Facebook for the month of February. Bigotry, hatered, double standards, etc. being spread all around… it was time for me to step back and take a break from it all. It had really made me start to question people’s motives and if these people were really “friends” anymore. Who are these hatefilled, bitter people?

Periodically I deactivate but usually it’s only in small spurts because I’ll admit, facebook has become like an addiction. It has its good points, it’s a great news source, free advertising, and great way to keep up with friends and relatives but I know I spend way too much time perusing around just to fill down time. 

This time I’ve committed to a full month (did you notice it’s the shortest month) with hopes that by the end, I’ll have broke my addiction and start liking the people once again. 

I think it’s time we all unplug, get back to living life and minding our own business.


I think it’s important to be content with the life God’s given you. There are times when I struggle, deeply struggle, with that but I’m in a phase where I’m good. It seems everytime i get in one of these phases, something crazy happens to shake things up… so I’m waiting,  patiently waiting, for whatever that may be. God is good.  

A New Year

A new year is always a time of reflection and forethought. Lots of lessons learned and lots of plans to be a better you.  

The past few years have been very challenging for me and not necessarily in a bad way.  In 2014 I lost about 30 lbs and found a new passion of hiking.  2015 was filled with hiking and running, a fun trip to Florida. 2016 was kind of a slow year. Not as much hiking, running but lots of time with our new chickens, watching the kids play sports (Jesse won breaststroke & butterfly in swim and was superbowl champions this year! & Lydia did great in swim and bball!), fun times. The year kind of ended on a sour note in regards to family but i believe things will ultimately turn out for the best.  

Last year I made a resolution of “no soda 2016” and successfully completed the challenge, 365+1 days (only I’d pick leap year for such a challenge). We’re half way thru January 1st and i still haven’t decided if i should choose another challenge or not.  One thing I will do is quit expecting, that only leads to disappointment,  and start accepting the little golden nuggets with an open, grateful heart. To be more independent in making my own happiness. There will definitely  be more adventures to unknown places… I’m  ready 2017!


The things you do for your kids…. I could make a list of my own personal experiences. And at the moment i can hardly think of any I’ve regretted (maybe the $80 mip purchase a few Christmases ago).

About three weeks before Easter, Jesse came home from school talking about hatching chicks at school. It was a science/4H project they were doing in class. The kid came home every day taking about these eggs, he was enamored. The week they were supposed to hatch, he asked us if he could bring them home after they hatched. I really thought he was joking and secretly hoped that there are already plans for these chicks. I was wrong.

His teacher emailed and called. She said Jesse had been so interesting to watch at school, that he had taken on what she called a ‘parental’ roll for these unhatched chicks.  No need for the rest of the details… Meet Jesse’s chicks:



Proud papa…




The one on my hand above is Johnny Appleseed, aka JAS since we think it’s a she.  She’s the baby and the most friendly. They are three weeks old now and i personally spend about an hour each day hanging out with them. It makes me think back to all the animals my parents let us kids have when we were young… goats, chickens, ducks, a pony, dogs, cats, mice. What were they thinking?

The things we do for our kids.… That’s right!


Lydia and i were in the bedroom this evening when we heard a calamity in the kitchen…. She asked, “you do know men aren’t good in kitchens, right?”

Lifelong Friendships

I think we all have those friends… The ones we’ve had forever and no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other, things are always the same. These same friends somehow instinctively know when to show up in life (and that I love paper, bound books, pretty boxes, purple, mail!).


I have a few of those special, amazing friends and one of them showed up in the mail today… Right on time… Right when I needed a reminder….


Thank you for blessing me today…. You know who you are!

God is good!