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Lydia and i were in the bedroom this evening when we heard a calamity in the kitchen…. She asked, “you do know men aren’t good in kitchens, right?”


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Ham hocks

It’s very entertaining to hear your 7 & 8 year old have an entire conversation replacing every noun with “ham hocks”.

You should try it. …

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The conversation on the way to school today.

Lydia: I get to go to the Heritage Center today even if it’s raining.

Jesse: Are you getting your hair cut?

My brain: What? Oh, hair-i-tage center.

We are country! 🙂

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Funny Sayings…

The kids & I were listening to Christmas music on our way to church this morning. Bing Crosby’s White Christmas came on and Lydia said “Oh yeah, this is Andy Griffith.”

I spent the rest of the trip trying to recall which episode she heard this from. Couldn’t help but smile. Smile

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Funny Sayings….

This time of year, i use Christmas as my bribery for getting the kids to do chores (sad,  i know). This morning Jesse asked me what i want for Christmas, i answered for him to keep his room cleaned…. he said “well, i’m going to ask Santa for an ‘automatic Jesse robot’ to clean my room”.

Oh,  and Lydia wants an $105 American Girl doll…. she said she is going to ask Santa for it so we won’t have to spend that much money.

I have baby geniuses.

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Funny Sayings

Took Jesse with me to Wal-mart Pharmacy earlier. The lady behind the counter gave him some whoppers. He told Lydia later that she gave him some bowling ball crackers!!

The kid “cracks” me up!!

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I stopped at Arby’s today to get the kid’s lunch, jr. roast beef sandwiches – their favorite! I overheard the kids talking. Jesse said he had a seed off his sandwich (sesame seed from the bun) and was going to plant it. I had to wonder if he thought he’d grow roast beef sandwiches?? Wouldn’t that save me a lot of $$?? Smile

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