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Lydia and i were in the bedroom this evening when we heard a calamity in the kitchen…. She asked, “you do know men aren’t good in kitchens, right?”


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A+ School Year

Yeah, it’s the end of the school year and I’m just getting around to posting about the beginning. That’s the joy of being a mother… to busy to keep up with anything. How do some mom’s do it??

The first day of school – Jesse’s first day of kindergarten and Lydia’s first day of second grade.


Waiting for his teacher to come get the class and looking a bit apprehensive. He didn’t cry but I think he thought about a few times those first few weeks.


Just after they got off the but. He doesn’t look near as happy as he did at the start of the day…


Big sister helping with homework.


Here’s Jesse getting ready to sing for the President’s Day PTA meeting.

imgE imgF

This was at the Mother’s Day picnic. The kids sing the we got to eat lunch with them on the gym floor. Both years I’ve done this, the weather wasn’t nice enough to have it in the park.


In line for his Kindergarten Certificate – he did it!!


And he got the Principal’s Award and PE Award – so proud!


Lydia getting the Principal’s Award.


And getting class superlatives. She won “Nicest” and “Best Writer” and got an extra reading award from her teacher.


I checked the kids out the day of Lydia’s awards and Jesse’s friends got to walk him to the office. They all gave each other big squeezes at the end of the hall – it was a priceless moment!


Getting off the school bus that last day!! They did it! Lydia was more excited to get ahold of Baby Joe, I think Jesse was more excited for summer break!


Overall it was a great year! Always amazed at their progress.

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Gifts that mean more

The kids finally did their Christmas lists last Friday after we got our Christmas tree set up. They were so excited that I couldn’t help but get excited myself.

Jesse’s list:

  • Motorcycle
  • iPad/Kindle
  • Monster truck
  • Some sort of marble thing (like we got one of his friends for his birthday? I honestly can’t remember what it is.)
  • Leonardo’s sword (from ninja turtles)
  • Antonio’s phone (from power rangers)
  • New Santa hat

Lydia’s list:

  • iPad mini/Kindle
  • American Girl doll
  • My School playhouse
  • Lego Friend’s Olivia House
  • Drawing stuff – markers, crayons, paper
  • Jewelry
  • Clothes for winter and summer
  • Junie B. Jones books
  • Some of Mrs. Claus’ recipes
  • New Santa hat

Of course, they aren’t getting a lot of these things simply because we’re a frugal family but they are getting some of them. Of all the things asked for, Lydia’s recipe request was the one that made me most excited. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m Mrs. Claus in this family…. so she is getting some of my recipes. It has been so fun making up little recipe cards with MY recipes. I plan to make this an annual tradition until she’s old enough to realize who Santa really is (when is that exactly?). And what’s going to be even more fun is the day that I get to tell her that those are mine. Hopefully she’ll want to continue the tradition long after that.

Here’s to gifts that mean more.

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Funny Sayings…

The kids & I were listening to Christmas music on our way to church this morning. Bing Crosby’s White Christmas came on and Lydia said “Oh yeah, this is Andy Griffith.”

I spent the rest of the trip trying to recall which episode she heard this from. Couldn’t help but smile. Smile

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For anyone that knows me, knows I’m notorious for being late to work (late for anything actually). It’s always been a problem but now that I have children, I have others to share the blame. So I thought I’d start sharing these interesting little stories that make me late for work, or other things.

Reason #1 (happened today): Five minutes before we need to be out the door, Mr. “I have to strip naked to poop” decides he needs to poop before school. Who can say no to that??

Reason #2 (also happened today): Lydia comes waltzing in the kitchen to leave with terrible mismatched socks on. Therefore, a run to the bedroom and scramble through the pile of un-matched socks was warranted.

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So many blessings to be thankful for. I could never state them all. With that, i present our Easter 2012 pictures. Strange, i know, but isn’t Christ giving his life and his resurrection the ultimate thing to be thankful for?? He gave us life, abundant life…












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Christmas 2011

Can’t believe it’s already February. . . and I’m just now getting around to putting Christmas pictures up.

Our Christmas Card this year. Took the photos for it at Foster Falls one day as we just randomly stopped to play on the playground. Normally it’s so hard to get a decent photo of them separately and forget together.


Jesse in the St. John’s Christmas Play – he was a shepherd and his line was “Look, what is that?” He said it very quickly, but hey, he said it.




Crigger’s Christmas Eve Celebration:


He was so excited this year. . .




All the grandkids got $2 bills. . .






My brother & Tracey. Tracey’s wearing the scarf I knitted her. I think she wears it everyday. . . so proud.


Christmas morning at our house:





Can you guess what Santa got the kids?


Thank you Lord for your daily gifts to us. It was a great Christmas.

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